Hobson’s Choice

So, having had a wedge of cashola taken from me by WordPress for another year, I have the dilemma of what to write about. Should I bore you all with yet more fibromyalgia musings and ‘Woe Is Me!’ rantings? Well, occasionally I might. I shall try and be dramatic though my particular battles are not in the same league as some of you out there. The other option is therefore to write about writing and especially my four books, using this as something of a landing pad for them. Unfortunately the only creature who has had an interest in my books has been my dog and even then I needed to wipe peanut butter on each kindle page for him to take interest. Nevertheless, never let it be said that I can take a hint, so expect more news on the grand literary work of Vasily Peregrine Pugh.

My new book, ‘Gusto’, is available now on Amazon.


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