At long last…

Yes, despite a hundred reasons not to bother, I have finally finished my new book, Gusto. And it’s available on Amazon. And you surely don’t think I’m above plugging it on my site!

As previously said, I was tempted to have a fibromyalgic heroine (actually, that should be anti-heroine – read the book and you’ll see) but I didn’t want the book to be longer than War & Peace.

When I am living off the profits of the above and building a massive mantlepiece for all of the awards, I’ll no doubt remember this being written, edited and fine-tuned throughout a deeply unpleasant heatwave. I know fellow sufferers find the sun quite a balm for their bones, but typical contrarian I am, I find it troubling. The old fibro sweats mean that a good night’s sleep is not a given. Still, at least I can walk the dog in my shorts (me in the shorts, not him) which must have turned more stomachs than Andrew’s Liver Salts. Just doing my bit, ma’am.


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